He’s one in a zillion
So glamorous and unique
Setting my freshly-mended heart on fire
With a gentle touch; I yearn for more love
Letting my heart love-freeze and paralyze
Drowning in the tide of loneliness
He made me roll in a wave of love and paradise and,
Wavered in storms full of harsh thunder and lightning together
Like spiders,
We built our castle in the jungle of trust and honesty
Oh! My haven; which galaxy are you from?
Ruling in my heart’s kingdom for a jiffy; can’t we turn a moment into forever?
Can’t we stand so strong together; overcoming heavy winds and rains like a pyramid?
My Haven my heaven
Your gaze melts my eyes into a joyful rain
Turning my dusty life into a golden haze; as I smile to infinity, my heart declares “if I can stop his heart from cracking into atoms; thou grant me not to live in vain”
Ding dong! Church bells sing a new song
My heart meanders into an unanswered case; will you marry me?
“Tick-tock” Time runs an unpaid affair… it’s a holy matrimony

By Becky (Rebecca Chavula, Malawi)